How is Your Training?

October 4, 2012

Across Indianapolis, the commitment to improve business every day is a continuous one. How do we improve all aspects of the organization and how do we make sure it indeed happens? One great way is to focus on both strategy and training. Combining corporate strategy with organizational training gives everyone the chance to assess both strengths and weaknesses; virtually every framework for success involves culture, values, needs, and opportunities.

The ingredients for training are critical for developmental goals and sustainable growth. It gives management and leadership the chance to assess the real issues that affect the business, the industry, and when you think about it, the competition.

In every training session that makes a difference; ideas, solutions, and strategies pop out. They can be documented and focused more narrowly. Assigning the possibilities for positive change to the right people will create the climate for solving and improving.

Everyone in the organization is a stakeholder in success. Getting complete support from leadership and getting complete buy-in from every employee is at the heart of training. It always has been the “secret sauce” of Dale Carnegie of Central Indiana.  Remember:

  • Manage training as an investment in both people and time.
  • Focus on continuous improvement that is aligned with priority.
  • Be value-driven in both process and opportunity for people.        

The quality of training is centered on the needs and wants of the organization as a community. Paying attention to all ideas and reacting positively to every suggestion, starts with everyone on the same page. Only through training does that happen. Both for the long- term and what will be happening tomorrow, learning methodology is the key ingredient to success for every organization in Indiana.


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One Response to How is Your Training?

  1. Aldi on September 10, 2015 at 8:31 am

    Good morning, Mr Connolly.I like your cmemont about explaining one’s own perspective and inviting feedback being more effective (in terms of changing views) than attacking and arguing. So very true.If I were to add anything, it would be that maybe it’s sometimes helpful to listen to what the other party has to say before launching into an explanation of one’s own viewpoint. Just by listening we can often hear the other person realising the weaknesses, flaws or whatever in their own argument and organically moving more towards what we might prefer them to consider. It then makes it easier for us to introduce our way of thinking often in a more tempered way on the basis of having learnt something from the other person. This may be a way towards an appropriate compromise on both sides, where same is necessary.What I find saddening, is that people need to be told this and can’t help but wonder if it is a reflection of the wider lack of respect in society. I think we would do well to study other cultures my preference here being the Austrians who are amongst the most courteous from infancy to the most advanced of years where respect for others,is at the very foundations of what they do, say, think an feel.Kind regards,L

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