6 Qualities of Strategic Teams

October 10, 2012

Strategic teams drive every organization here in Indiana and it is through the power of numbers that we all succeed. Truly no one person is an island and we need the support and help of others to achieve both goals and objectives. The assembly of quality talent in the workplace offers everyone the chance and opportunity to do interesting work that draws on everyone’s expertise and skills.

Collectively these teams can make or break the success of the business. Teams across all the departments must be good at the following six qualities:

  • The ability to look forward: Being slightly ahead of the present give everyone the chance to focus on tomorrow’s goals and objectives.
  • Training and development: Continuous improvement is at the heart of the Dale Carnegie Training here in Indiana. Training gets people to think and to grow. Both qualities are needed in this economy.  
  • Creativity in decision making and problem solving: The old cliché “thinking out of the box” is really not so old. Risk and chance are all part of solving problems and making those critical judgment calls.
  • Communication: Clear and concise understanding, especially when it involves numerous people, is necessary at every level.  
  • A never ending focus on success: The one commonality that every team member has is the continued radar to accomplishment and opportunity.
  • Support of each other: No matter the situation, through the good, the bad and the ugly, everyone is on the bench together, the less ego the better.

In fact think of team this way:

  • T: Timing and trust
  • E: Energy and enthusiasm
  • A: Agility and ability
  • M: Mission and motivation

In fact, Dale Carnegie’s time tested and solid advice has always focused on people not on person. In every sense, organizational prosperity is a team sport.


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