Is Success that Simple?

November 6, 2012

For months and months, it has been very tough to focus away from the news and the upcoming elections. But it is indeed Election Day in our country. It has arrived. Across Indianapolis, throughout Indiana, and across the USA, this is a day when we will indeed be checking the news and the state by state results. Issues like a lingering recession, consumer dissatisfaction, gas prices, Wall Street, job creation, lack of growth, unemployment, and the growing federal debt ceiling all have vanished for a day in favor of terms like Forward and a New Beginning. Regardless of who wins the POTUS, our businesses still will have a multitude of challenges as we head to a fast close to 2012. All we need to do is vote and move into tomorrow.

The things that separate Indiana from its competition elsewhere are what they have always been, the continuous focus on employees, and excellence in both product and customer service. It is critical to have the best team and the best available menu of opportunity. This is not rocket science. The best restaurants usually will have the best people. The best retail stores always have a well-trained and friendly staff. A smile is often the best advantage a business can have in this economy.

It truly is that simple. Having good people separates businesses into two distinct categories: the organizations that get it and the organizations that don’t. Always ask for feedback, good and bad, from both employees and customers. They will tell you how good the team really is in getting results.

Consider doing an employee and customer audit on a monthly basis. Is the team listening to customers? Are those customers enjoying the experience? Are employees empowered to react and respond when there is an issue that needs to be fixed? How many customers are loyal and regular in their patronage?

No matter the size of the business, pay attention to how customers respond when a team member takes that important minute to thank them for coming in. Customers love it when they are paid attention to and they indeed want to know the owner and staff by their first names.

Putting both the client and the employee first really can make a difference.

It is so simple that many organizations do not realize there is opportunity when everyone is involved in the success of the business. Keeping it simple, even on Election Day sure makes sense. The winner today is the best organization.


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