6 Ingredients of Business C.H.A.N.G.E.

November 15, 2012

Change can happen in a split second yet it can happen over months. One thing for sure in organizations across Central Indiana, it indeed does happen on a continuous basis. How companies handle change defines them in the categories of both growth and missed opportunity. As we head into 2013, change will be the key component to success as the economy continues its slow path of healing.

For leadership and management, assessing and defining what to change is also very important. It takes a collective effort and an organization ready to move in the positive direction of opportunity. Six ingredients to innovative change can be defined below:

  • C: Character and true resolve must combine with the willingness to change across all departments. It takes confidence to move forward together. Commitment is essential.
  • H: Humility is shifting gears with no ego involved. It is always a team focused opportunity and equality must blend with ability.
  • A: Attitude is critical. It is true that positive change only happens in a positive environment. How people react and work with a different focus is essential to goal achievement.
  • N: Need is always the foundation for any change process. Defining and measuring necessity increases the accuracy of the decisions made.
  • G: Gratitude for idea generation and for problem solving goes to the teams involved. It is through the Carnegie principles of people influence that helps with the development of change itself.
  • E: Enthusiasm and energy make for clarity in communication and success. Nothing is easy, but together the organization can indeed manage change effectively and with objectives in mind.

These ingredients make for the successful launch of both change and measurement. Winning people to positive change and creating opportunity is indeed Carnegie-focused.


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