10 Practices of Poor Leadership

November 22, 2012

Every day we make mistakes. So much is going on at work and we have to react to a multitude of issues in our organizations across Central Indiana. And it is perfectly okay to make these mistakes. Leaders grow in discipline and focus with each mistake made.

There are however, leaders who make mistakes on purpose and with total disregard for others. It is how they exist. It is if they have written how NOT to win friends and influence people. We all have worked for and around these leaders and managers who should not be in the positions they hold. They have the following practices and behaviors down very well:

  • They are dishonest
  • They lack integrity
  • They are closed minded
  • They “tell not sell”
  • They do not listen
  • They place blame on others
  • They bully subordinates
  • They lead non-productive meetings
  • They make snap decisions
  • They never leave their office

Now, it is interesting to note that they are probably one hundred more negative behaviors and qualities that can be listed. And many poor leaders might only do three or four of the above list. The commonality within this type of leadership is the lack of respect and the lack of involvement with others to help support and grow both the people and the business.

As true professionals who live the Principles of Dale Carnegie, we know that it can be as much of an ability issue as it is a social issue. The culture of the company is a key denominator. A strong culture will weed these managers out based on lack of results. In essence, accountability is the numerator in this leadership equation.

Can poor leaders turn around their careers? The answer is absolutely. Everyone needs the chance to change what they do. By simply being positive, many things can be accomplished.


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