7 Dimensions of Service this Cyber Monday

November 27, 2012

It should happen all year long here across Central Indiana, but it is Cyber Monday and the foundation of every gift ordered today is customer service. People will flock to the main buying sites and click for presents that will end up under the tree.

The truth is that when it is simple to buy a product or service, people will. It is the same way in our brick and mortar establishments. Making the purchasing process a streamlined experience just makes sense.  And it is not just now in 2012. Back in the 1950’s, milk and home-based products delivered a variety of products into wall shoots across America. Everyone on the block was a customer. It was all about service.

Service is a very powerful term when we look at what it does for organizations. It is the seven dimensions of S.E.R.V.I.C.E. that make or break corporate success:

  • Satisfaction: Truth be told that it is the customer’s version of your service that makes the difference to the bottom-line.
  • Excellence: Doing things right can set your business apart from your competition.  
  • Reaction: Good or bad, how quickly you react to customer concerns and issues makes a major impact.  
  • Visibility: Great service is great marketing. Positive news is shared, especially this time of year.
  • Importance: As a student of the Dale Carnegie Principles, you know that people are the most important part of what the organization is about. Those who serve and those who are served both feel success.
  • Communication: Understanding and listening are key tools in providing the best in service.
  • Extras: It is perfectly okay to give something away free. Today a large restaurant group in the area were selling gift cards online, adding extra money on every card, and mailing them for free. Who doesn’t love free?

Customer service is what every business should be proud of each day. The holiday season is the best time to shine! Give it your best and good things happen.


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