6 Common Sense Aspects to Sales Success

February 22, 2013

jzcreationsz goalsThere is an old saying in sales that goes something like this: a good close is always an opening. It is an opening for new business, referrals, customer allegiance, and success. But not every salesperson is good at closing a sale. If you have followed the Carnegie principles you know that integrity is just as critical as relationship building in every situation. Across Indianapolis and throughout the entire state of Indiana, it is safe to say that not every single individual will last in the sales profession. Many do struggle watching the poor habits of others and trying to replicate what they see. It is always wise to find the most successful and ethical professional who has a history of excellence, and watch what he or she does on a daily basis.

Dale Carnegie, once a salesperson before he became the astute teacher and mentor he is famous for, did a number of things very well. These historic actions and habits translate nicely into How to Win Friends and Influence People, the best-selling classic leadership book.

With thoughts derived from the book, here are some common sense aspects of sales to think about:

  • Enthusiasm: Upbeat people with great attitudes make every client interaction a little better.
  • Good listening: It is important to note that no one has ever listened themselves out of a sale.
  • Body language: Pay attention to every signal, especially the less than positive ones. Folded arms, lack of eye contact and short answers are solid signals.
  • Counselor/ advocate: Your client is your top priority. You are the expert and that knowledge about service and products need to be shared.
  • Engagement: First impressions are everything and building relationships early is essential.
  • Client satisfaction expert: Promise only what you can truly do and always follow up and follow through in every opportunity to serve.

It is not only important to be value-driven, relationship focused, and specific to the sale in every case, it is the only way to be successful sales professional. Dale Carnegie’s focus for 77 years is the benchmark to follow.


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