Employee Engagement – An Interview with Dale Carnegie’s Own Steve Hanes

March 13, 2013

steve hanesEmployee Engagement is a crucial part of any business, and it is a key factor in managing and retaining employees.  This hot topic is discussed across most organizations, since it is so important to keep employees engaged, productive, and satisfied.  Dale Carnegie Training works to discover why employees are engaged or disengaged and what solutions they can provide.

Steve Hanes from Dale Carnegie Training of Indianapolis was recently interviewed on his views of employee engagement and how it is affecting organizations.

Q: What’s the definition of employee engagement?

“It is creating a workplace environment where employees thrive and look for ways to help the customer and organization.”

Q: Why is employee engagement so important?

“It is important because it will increase productivity, customer engagement, quality, retention, safety, and profit.”

Q: Would you say it’s tougher today to get employee engagement than in years past? If so, why?

“Successful employee engagement is one of the toughest challenges businesses face today. Top-performing companies know that an employee engagement strategy that is linked to bottom-line outcomes will help them win in the marketplace. Decades ago a young person starting a career joined a company and would typically stay until retirement. With the prospect of job security and a pension, employee loyalty was, for the most part, a given. At that time people, on average, held two jobs in their lifetime.  Now, organizations struggle to recruit and maintain effective associates.  Within many organizations loyalty is not a priority – not from the employer or the employee.”

Q: What are some things employers should look for when determining if his or her employees are engaged?

“Engaged, committed, and satisfied employees will go the extra mile for customers, their supervisors, their team, and their organization.  Satisfied employees will spread the word that your organization is a great place to work.  Satisfied employees will recruit other top talent.  If your employees are doing these things you have created a climate of engagement.”

Q: How can the How Smart Leaders Create Engaged Employees workshop help employers?

“By attending this workshop you will learn: the Employee Engagement Success Model, Eight ways to understand what drives your team members, and Nine Principles to Build Trust & Respect.  You can attend the workshop for just $30.00.”

Q: What should they do to sign up?

“Visit our website – indy.dalecarnegie.com.  Or call our office 317.509.8477 and we will help register participants and answer questions.”

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