Leadership Engagement is Never Seasonal

March 14, 2013

jscreationzs 1All of a sudden it is almost spring across Indiana and the Easter Season is fast approaching.  You turn the television on and you see all the commercials. Although the Easter tunes on our favorite station are few and far between, they do exist. Organizations sometimes do not place this holiday on the same level as others but it is family time none-the-less.

Easter is indeed a happy season. And the day reminds us that at the heart of all Dale Carnegie training is people engagement. And when you think about it, organizations that have employees who get along are often solid companies. It often is that simple. If leadership makes a point to maintain a personal and professional interest in people, success often follows. Employees are just human beings. By taking an interest in who they are and what goes on in their lives especially when there is a holiday, brings only good things to the workplace.

Simply stated, a solid leadership strategy is to pay positive attention to people. With that in place as the foundation, any business will flourish. A personal and professional relationship with people at work, and who work for and with us just makes things better.

Employees can find work challenging when they feel left out of the big picture. People dread being just a “someone” at work. Social and emotional needs are important and necessary for individual and team success. The need to belong is fundamental. Leadership and management any time of year can create additional motivation and enthusiasm just by asking: “How are things going?

Involving and engaging the team has always been a common sense leadership focus.

It is so obvious, that sometimes we all forget what it is that often is lacking in the workplace. We often do not even think about it. But Dale Carnegie did and he preached it. A manager needs to be interested in people from so many perspectives. It makes for effective and solid leadership. For many people, money and position are just as important as how they are treated and respected. Some things will never change. Go say hi to someone soon and tell them leadership cares.


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