Dale Carnegie: The Foundation of Learning and Success

March 27, 2013

jscreationszs circleBusinesses here in Indianapolis and around Indiana must learn as a team and grow as an organization.  In fact, learning is something all of us have in common. Our timelines for learning and change begin just minutes after birth. Babies soon realize that simple activities like crying will often draw attention long before we understand the concepts of language. It is a common fact that crying newborns signal hunger and usually will always get fed. The infant, again, has no clue of strategy; yet that baby has quickly learned how to get attention and results.

As we get older our patterns of learning change as well. But now the difference is in the application.

It is safe to say that learning is assimilation of knowledge and what we do with it. In business, it is all about goals, objectives and practice. In fact, how learning is applied and transferred across the organization is central to goals, objectives, strategies and success.

Dale Carnegie Training is designed for organizations and it is aligned with learning and the results of positive learning, knowledge itself.

Learning always starts with the ingredients of change and should always end with positive results. Productivity and performance are true derivatives of this success. It is through the actual business impact that we assess effects on the organization. Just as important is the actual job satisfaction which is a blend of both expectations and leadership support.

Continuous acquisition of information is critical in this still struggling economy. Teams that review all processes and policies for effectiveness and efficiency continue to make every organization that much stronger.

In all of our organizations undergoing continuous change, learning can often be considered important intervention. New learning and motivation help ensure the future for everyone. Training often is the medium that affects climate, focus, culture and core values. Although many variables including budget, number of employees, and stage of development can affect training, it is important in both application and knowledge base.

Dale Carnegie Training can be the foundation for both learning and success. We can help measure impact and we can help create results. We can improve organizations. Call us today.


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