Thatcher, Carnegie & GUTS

April 10, 2013

431px-Margaret_ThatcherMargaret Thatcher passed away at age 87 just the other day. As British Prime Minister, she had her bouts with controversy; but she will be long remembered for her leadership and her commitment to change. Regardless of topic or situation, The Iron Lady believed in both purpose and servitude.

Across Indiana and even on the front page of the Indianapolis Star, everyone saw the headline. As with Dale Carnegie Training, Margaret Thatcher believed that leadership and management are truly inseparable. Always focused on change, she was a proponent in many ways in the areas of training, commitment, passion, and continuous effort. Her focus on team building in Parliament often drew both cheers and boos, but never did anyone question her internal strength to get things done, even when things were quite unpopular. Her emphasis on the big picture set her apart from many leaders we remember in history. Just as Dale Carnegie, as a single individual, put forth his mission, guiding principles and core values, and created a global success story for every leader, manager, and business; Ms. Thatcher committed to stewardship as well. It takes GUTS to move organizations and countries forward. And it takes a targeted array of decision making and problem solving to do it.

GUTS are at the heart progress and change:

  • G: Greatness is the key variable of all leaders. Some may be greater than others, but greatness moves mountains.
  • U: Understanding is integral to all phases of both change and growth. Regardless of surety and risk, understanding is the first step in opportunity.
  • T: Tasking: Working hard and never looking back combine to move teams forward in directions they have not gone before.
  • S: Strength and Solutions: The combination of these two components can make the difference between success and failure. Nothing of value is ever easy.   

Leadership in every Carnegie-focused organization must have the GUTS to get businesses to great every day. Leadership is not a popularity contest. It is passion. It is effort. It is for the greater good. Outstanding leadership is central to the common good and to uncommon success. Leaders like Carnegie and Thatcher do not come along every day. They will always be missed. But the lessons they gave us are forever. And here in Indiana, they are appreciated.


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