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May 9, 2013

We have all seen what attitude can do in a business and organizational environment. Entering a business where everyone walking in is greeted with a big smile just makes thjzcreationsz teame difference in our own focus that day. And we all remember the last time we walked into a dreary and almost dire environment that ruined the rest of the day. Attitude is everything. In businesses across Indiana, the best attitudes win. Attitude wins profits, loyal fans and clients, and increased opportunity.

It is and continues to be the leader’s responsibility to make sure everyone is on the same page; the client comes first and it the only reason the business exists. Teams grow with the right direction. Both leaders and managers must help employees improve performance, and in turn, the company achieves even more success. Coaching is also a key ingredient in making things happen. Dale Carnegie, here in Central Indiana, offers an array of guide books that align very nicely with our classes and sessions. These publications provide leadership with useful tips to be even more effective in the workplace and business environment. Visit our page to get yours from the selection that is offered.

In relation to this post, today’s leader needs to develop skills that motivate teams to excel – and key among these skills is coaching. Learn the seven steps of effective coaching discussed in the Performance Coaching Process Guidebook, which was developed from Dale Carnegie Training’s Leadership Training for Managers:

  1. Identify The Opportunity
  2. Picture The Desired Outcome
  3. Establish The Right Attitude
  4. Provide The Resources
  5. Practice And Skill Development
  6. Reinforce Progress
  7. Reward



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