In Transition, Fail Your Way to Success

June 12, 2013

stoon fdpnMany careers across Indiana are in transition. In fact, unlike the past, pensions and long term employment are getting rarer and rarer. In virtually every company and industry, there are change and turnover. When change does occur, it often involves a variety of key decisions. Should the change involve going to another position or should it be creating an entrepreneurial opportunity? Hundreds of ideas come to mind and each must be considered for value and worth. Turning the good ideas into activity and results are key to renewed professional success.

It is essential to think out a plan that is definable and measurable. If we view success through the mission of Dale Carnegie Training, we see it is indeed all about taking ideas, creating action, and making results. Success solely depends on the risk and the strength of the plan as it evolves. Each person in this type of situation is unique and different. Each must act and be a professional brand that is both attractive and achievable. Finding opportunities in this still slow economy is critical.

Failure is the principal avenue for the implementation of ideas. It is very important to fail at times. This is important for success. We all know that success never comes easy. It is through hard work and commitment. Persistence is a key variable. Look at the great Thomas Edison.  It is important to note that  Edison failed hundreds of times in perfecting his ideas and inventions. But he was persistent and learned from his errors. If not for Mr. Edison, our quality of life would be quite different. His successes that came amid failure include: the phonograph, the incandescent light bulb, and the mimeograph.

Being in transition can be a very positive experience. Place faith in individual talent and put together the game plan that will make the difference. Being  a career entrepreneur here in Indiana might take some failure, but it will make every professional that much stronger.


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