7 Ways to Be More Successful in Sales

July 19, 2013

renjith krishras moneySales across Indianapolis always display a lot of competition. As we all know, selling is an important part of our still slowly growing economy. Our region of the country is one of the best. And we have good people in every industry involved in the sales business. Doing things correctly, honestly and effectively in sales means success for us here and across Indiana.

Here are seven ways to stay successful as you grow in the sales profession:

  • Be an excellent networker: Being involved in the community and attending a variety of events will give you visibility. Having a professional presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + will also give you that edge in success.
  • Value: Everything you do and all your activity must bring positive results. All activities must have reason and purpose. There must always be a return on investment in both time and money.
  • No certainties: There is always an aspect of uncertainty in sales. No matter how well you are prepared, things can go sideways. Assess every situation.
  • Get  Dale Carnegie Training: Dale Carnegie of Central Indiana is a wonderful foundation for serving others and it is the standard for sales training in a tough economy. The offerings are absolutely essential for growth and opportunity. It is critical for sales and peer engagement.
  • Be outgoing and friendly: In every interaction, it is the sales professional who people will remember for both energy and optimism.
  • Use leadership as a partner: Many salespeople under-utilize the talent and the resources that leadership provides in day to day activities. Good management is essential for both support and advice.
  • The customer comes first: In any sales situation, placing the customer first will always give  focus for the right priorities. It is the one ingredient that will allow for both referrals and recommendations.

Success in sales comes from commitment, longevity, opportunity, and practice. Stay committed, keep getting better, and enjoy what you do every day. There is no better profession than sales. Just keep growing and learning.


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  1. Madiha on September 10, 2015 at 10:22 am

    One of the things that enaecrugod me to read your blog is that you always responded whenever I mentioned you on twitter. I saw that as you being respectful and this made it easy for me to want to learn more about you.Your blog feels like you are one of us. Other marketing blogs make it feel like THEM and us.Thanks.

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