Three Reasons to Pay Attention to Succession Planning

October 20, 2013

ID-10041292Organizations not only need to be looking forward, but they also need to look at ways that separate them from their competition. Yes, great products and services may win awards, but if your customers and prospects do not know about it, you are going to have a tough time getting sales. It is important to start thinking about succession planning—whether it is product development, sales management or operations, good leaders are created over time. And a good succession plan will pay huge dividends back to your business. Here are three quick tips on why you need to be looking into the future from your friends at Dale Carnegie Training of Central Indiana:

1. The best products won’t always win — In today’s complex and competitive business world, having the best product or service just isn’t enough. Just some of the reasons why someone will not buy from you include:

  1. They have a relationship with one of your competitors.
  2. They do not have the money.
  3. They do not realize or remember that you are an option.
  4. Your sales staff did a poor job in building your business case, so they do not think your product or service offers the best value.
  5. You really are not the best value.

The point is you have to send your customers and prospects with case-building information—information that educates them on the value of your organization. When looking forward in your organization, you need to consider what sets you apart from your competitors.

2. Look into the future — It is critical to not only meet the present needs of your customers, but to look to future trends in the marketplace in order to also meet their future needs. Looking at your own future in the organization is important as well. It does not matter what position you have in your organization, you cannot move forward if you are always looking back. Sure, you need to learn from your mistakes, but you need to have the vision and the tenacity to take yourself to the next level.

3. Pay attention to succession training — The key to any business’ success is their efficiencies, productivity and commitment to excellence from its employees—and their productivity is directly related to who is mentoring, managing or supervising them. That being said, you will find the rewards plentiful, both for you and your employees, if you invest in some sort of succession training throughout the year; training that transfers skills from one level to the next.

Take some time this coming week to reflect on the future of you and your organization by writing down specific goals to help make you a better leader, manager and decision maker now and in the future.

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