Six Simple Leadership Guidelines

November 8, 2013

renjith krishnan (2)What is leadership? In Indiana, as we head into 2014, there is a huge interest in strategy, profitability and success. All three of these business components fall within the umbrella of leadership. We are awash in examples of what leadership should not be as we read the papers, surf the internet, and watch or listen to the news. The truth is that good leadership often goes unnoticed.

Dale Carnegie Training supports the fact that leadership for everyone in the position, is an experience in constant change and transition. Every day the challenges and the situations adjust with the work flow and the economic conditions.

We all know this, leadership is hard work. It takes time and it can take toil on both pride and ego. Every leader is more known for the decisions made than the title held and sometimes the ramifications for making a mistake are overwhelming. In fact, the bigger the decisions, the bigger the mistakes. It is all a part of the process to managing groups of people for a purpose that is bigger than any one individual. Good decisions are at the heart of success.

Leaders must follow six simple guidelines to make quality decisions that make sense for everyone:

  • Wait for a set period of time to gain input from others before the decision is made.
  • Make sure there are independent thinkers on the team who are allowed to speak without retaliation.
  • Be as objective as possible in every decision.
  • Be an expert of the company and the industry.
  • Make adjustments when things need changing.
  • Learn from any failures; it is okay to make mistakes.  

It is important that every leader achieves results in the right way with ethics and communication. Involve subordinates in a positive way and allow them the chance to contribute as often as possible.

Growth and success are key team ingredients for leaders as they motivate others in every situation and opportunity. Good leaders do good things. Leadership is engagement.


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