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November 14, 2013

Stuart Miles TMAll of us have time management issues. Even the best leaders, managers, and employees want to fit as much as they can into daily schedules so they can achieve more. But is that both effective and efficient?

Across Indianapolis, the typical business professional is involved with solo tasks as well as group projects. Although many assignments are team oriented, there are things that happen each and every day that involve just one person.

And within those singular responsibilities individuals sometimes tend to procrastinate and delay both minor and major projects. Sometimes they overthink an assignment, thus spending too much time in the preparation. When people get behind, they often e-mail or call a trusted colleague for help. Now two individuals are involved as time continues to march on.

Small business people and solo professionals often do not have the multiple person or team advantage to catch up on projects and the enormous array of additional responsibility they have each and every work day. What to do?

Planning is indeed critical. But the arch-enemy and chief nemesis of every leader and employee is procrastination. Why not put things off just a little to fit in the unplanned and the numerous interruptions that we experience every day.

The answer is in skilled time management. Just like decision making and listening, managing time is a skill we all need. The better the management, the more efficient we become.

What we need is continuous focus:

  • F: Faith in our skills and in our capabilities creates results.
  • O: Optimism is essential to our everyday duties. Positive people get things done.
  • C: Challenge ourselves with both goals and objectives. Take it project by project.
  • U: Understanding what we are good at and what we need help with can streamline our daily activities.
  • S: Strategy should happen early in the day as priorities are established and bolted to effort.

Doing the best we can do every day is tougher than it reads in this post. It takes poise, commitment, and discipline to get things done every day.

The message to leaders and employees is to FOCUS every day; opportunity comes through diligence and relationships, even if that relationship is with oneself. Time never stops and neither should success.


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