5 Factors for Employee Accountabilty

December 20, 2013

leader image courtesy of jscreatios at FreeDigitalPhotos.netAccountability is essential for every employee and every business here in Indianapolis. In our part of Indiana, leadership must focus on it as a key ingredient within meetings, functions, and daily tasks. Now, Dale Carnegie Training knows that no one is created equal in the workplace. Some employees are held more accountable than others.

Yet, accountability generates success and opportunity. Nothing gets accomplished without it. Treating everyone equally is critical yet there is often imbalance in workloads when there is a missed deadline or an illness.

The leadership challenge is to have balance in accountability. There usually is no glory to have unequal and unbalanced responsibility. The culture and the climate in an organization must be a positive one that promotes good customer service, met deadlines, complete assignments, and solid work performance. This is very important to every aspect of business.

We can identify five important factors for leadership and employee accountability:

  • Treating everyone the same and with equal focus
  • Supporting constructive goals and objectives
  • Creating excellence in every relationship
  • Maintaining open organizational communication
  • Developing a deep sense of trust for individuals and their work  

Organizations that are successful in this economy are managing accountability. In good organizations, just as in good teams, everyone is held accountable by everyone across ranks and departments.

Dale Carnegie Training defines accountability as the demonstration of both personal and professional responsibility. It involves positive character and excellence and it creates success within every corner of the organization. It is never easy being consistent with accountability. Every organization and business must grow in success through responsibility and commitment.

Being the best every day ensures a collective sense of accountability.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all our friends and clients; may 2014 be the best ever.


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