Sales Advantage Starts February 24th in Indianapolis

February 6, 2014

sales 3 digital artSales is a truly dynamic process. Here in Indiana, salespeople impact the business and industry they represent in a number of critical ways. Most sales professionals try very hard to do a good job. Some individuals, who have followed the habits and examples of others, are more challenged because of poor planning or lack of basics and knowledge.

It is interesting to note that most salespeople have never had one single minute of formal training. If a sale is supposed to be a definable and measurable process, salespeople need a true focus and a clear understanding of what to do, from the moment they meet a client until the sale is closed.

Starting on Monday February 24, Dale Carnegie Training is offering Sales Advantage, a course designed to improve opportunity, increase success, and present the fundamentals of selling through the time-tested key principles made popular by Mr. Carnegie himself.

Sales Advantage is the only course that gives new salespeople, veterans looking for an improvement, and managers who can use the training as a learning tool long after the classes end.

Salespeople and leadership learn a variety of important concepts:

  • Clarity in Communicating with perspective clients
  • Sales techniques for better presentations
  • Client relationship building
  • Credibility and rapport building
  • The proper handling of customer objections
  • Sales planning techniques that work

Here is the needed information and registration is just a click away.

Sales Advantage

Monday, February 24, 2014
05:00 PM – 08:30 PM

DeVry University

9100 Keystone Crossing

Room 324

Indianapolis, Indiana 46240

United States


Every salesperson in and around Indianapolis can benefit from this critical skills training course. Every session consists of the ingredients necessary for increased success.

Again, registration is simple and the subsequent results invaluable. Join us on Monday February 24th!


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