4 Ingredients that Support Business Success

March 6, 2014

jscreationzs 1Leadership in Indiana knows that employee engagement is a continuous mission. The important fact to remember is that businesses and organizations only happen through people. The Carnegie Principles suggest that employees must be led in positive ways for growth, opportunity, and success. Dale Carnegie Training believes empowerment and engagement offer the best chance for prosperity while getting the most from fixed and human resources. Every business in Indiana is doing more with less. Increasing efficiency means a commitment from each and every employee. Engaged employees are valued employees.

We offer four ingredients that support employee success:

  • Passion: Employees must be involved with their work and be allowed to take risks on behalf of the company. Great ideas are just a question away.
  • Encouragement: Leadership must be the motivator and it must bring consistency to tasks and processes.
  • Opportunity: Growth and change go hand-in-hand with success.
  • Self-reliance: Strong relationships support team contributions and build skill though communication. Many achievements happen though individual and group effort.

Supervision must lead and influence employees in an array of constructive ways. This critical level of management plays an important role for relationship building and it is the main conduit for commitments and accomplishments. How people sense about their supervision is the single most important aspect for loyalty. Employee engagement that increases this value depends on it.

When trusted leadership takes a personal and professional interest in employees, the employees consider themselves better valued. This leads to creativity, cooperation, and encouraging environments where additional progress can happen.

Winning friends and influencing people creates change that ensures cooperation and teamwork. As Mr. Carnegie once said, “A leader’s job includes changing (your) people’s attitude and behavior.”

This thought still rings true, over 78 years later.


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