Accountability Makes a Difference

April 4, 2014

stuart mills accPerformance assessment for many leaders and managers is often a subjective exercise. Yet everyone in an organization sees what everyone else does in meetings and daily tasks here in Indiana. No one works the same and no one is identical to another. Yet, accountability is essential for opportunity, success, and growth. Nothing would get done within a company without some degree of accountability. It is not uncommon for individual employees to pick up the slack for others on a missed deadline or mistake. In many cases, people with the same job responsibility offer different degrees of workload.

An imbalance in personal and professional accountability can affect the climate, the morale, and the culture of the business. It is an internal situation the must be managed. In these cases, the unbalance creates a lack of community and focus. The culture gets increasingly negative and the outward reflection can promote poor customer service, lost deadlines, missed assignments, and below average performance.

Dale Carnegie Training offers the following leadership strategies derived from the Carnegie classic, The Leader in You; each can help identify accountability concerns. Staying on task with these ingredients can help manage performance in equal ways:

  • Never show favoritism to certain employees
  • Offer consistent and clear goals and objectives
  • Promote a clear focus of individual motivation
  • Present a clear message of open organizational communication
  • Allow self-direction and interpersonal trust  

Organizations that are in deep trouble in 2014 have cultural and accountability issues; in good companies, just as with people, everyone from the leader to the individual worker is held accountable by everyone in a task or project.

Within the Dale Carnegie Training Principles, professional accountability means personal and professional responsibility. It involves an increased degree of excellence and it creates success across the teams and the employees. Consistency and accountability have to go hand-in-hand and it is critical as businesses grow here in Indiana.

Being the best every day makes accountability a guiding principle.


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