6 Strategies for Successful Selling

May 30, 2014

luigi diamanti leadersThe challenges for sales professionals in Indianapolis and across Indiana are important to address as each one strives for success. In fact, success is the biggest challenge. There is always a lot of competition for both sales and services in our region. No matter the industry, building and sustaining a client base and growing it has to be in the daily game plan.

Dale Carnegie Training offers six strategies for continuous improvement:

  • Be proficient at all times:  It is critical to be professional at all times. Understanding needs and wants is critical in building success and opportunity.
  • Know where the customer is in the buying process: There is a process for the client just as there is for the salesperson. This is important to remember in the sales presentation, negotiation, and close.
  • Actively listen and gather the correct information: Fact finding and background gathering are important early in the process. Asking the right questions will get the right answers that will help determine how to forward.
  • Do an expert presentation every time: Each customer is different, but the more information that is shared the better. Give the client good choices.      
  • Ask for the business when the customer is ready:  If everything is presented well, the salesperson needs to close the deal for the client. Many salespeople never ask for the sale and their results reflect their lack of asking for the sale. In every situation, ask for the business.
  • Follow up with excellent service: Once a positive relationship has been established and a purchase has been made, stay in contact. Follow through with any promise made and stay in contact after the sale to make sure there are no problems.      

Selling is a very rewarding profession. It is important to remember that Mr. Dale Carnegie was a sales professional before he became a teacher and global mentor. It has been proven over time that success comes to those who do it right.

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