Tips For Motivating Employees With A Rewards Program

May 31, 2014

ID-100178748According to many psychologists who study work behavior, there are many things that motivate people to act. Money and job security are two of the primary things people need, but there are more important needs that all people crave. These include love and esteem, which can be achieved by feeling recognized and appreciated.

In the workplace, one of the best ways to provide recognition and appreciation is through the use of rewards. However, to make rewards work for your business, you must first follow certain basic guidelines. Here are some tips for doing that from your friends at Dale Carnegie Training of Central Indiana:

Base your rewards on specific needs — Take into account individual personalities and preferences when designing a rewards program. Once you design an appropriate award, make sure it also addresses the group’s overall needs in addition to the individual. The reward does not have to be expensive. For example, many people will be motivated by the prestige of having their name placed on a plaque.

Give a reward for achieving results — Rewards should be based on what was actually accomplished, but be careful about setting the bar too low or too high, as this will have a negative effect on your team’s performance. Make the goals difficult to reach, although attainable, to give people something to strive towards. Also, do not delay the reward or recognition long after the achievement is met, as it will do little to motivate an employee the next time you design a rewards program.

Make employees a part of the reward program – Let your employees be a part of the reward design process—especially with rewards programs that directly affect them. People gain a sense of belonging and importance, and usually display a higher motivation, when they have input on the type of goals they should be achieving.

Keep everyone up-to-date — If you have regularly scheduled meetings to keep all employees informed about the company’s goals, it will help everyone feel as though they belong to the organization. Plus, it keeps them informed on the overall progress they are making, which is a great long-term motivator.

Listen to your employees’ feedback — Your employees have the best insight on improving the operations, since they deal with the systems and processes on a daily basis. To keep your employees involved with the refining of your business, make a point to give full credit and a tangible reward to the ones who were directly involved with the idea.

A rewards program is a great way to motivate your employees. By using these tips you’ll get the most productivity out of your employees while at the same time increasing morale.

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