8 Ways to Improve Listening in Any Sales Situation

June 29, 2014

imagerymajestic listeningManaging and building a network of relationships is an everyday activity. For salespeople in and around Indianapolis, it is very important for success and growth. Since virtually every relationship is built through positive interaction and interpersonal communication, it is essential that sales professionals understand that networking drives visibility. The relationship builder in many one-on-one interactions is the ability to communicate clearly and listen actively in every situation. Doing both well is important.

In every situation, good sales professionals involve a client, have the ability to ask for and receive information, and find a solution that benefits both parties. Listening is heavily involved. A salesperson that is not attentive can lose a sale and a loyal customer.

Dale Carnegie Training believes listening for success in sales is important in eight ways:

  • Good salespeople are good listeners. Listening for information is critical in creating opportunity.  
  • Listening is the most important ingredient in any conversation: Too much speaking can harm a relationship. Interaction and exchange are critical.
  • Listening and persuasion go hand-in-hand: People usually trust individuals who listen to them. This makes it easier to build rapport. .
  • Listening is a very trainable skill: Training can really improve listening. Unfortunately, it is the least taught skill.
  • Listening improves every relationship: Listening creates the opportunity for idea exchange and the chance to learn and improve. 
  • Listening is critical for fact finding: Uncovering a concern or problem can only come through listening.
  • Listening builds rapport: Empathy and understanding are an important aspect of listening.
  • Hearing is not listening: Hearing is a key sense that most humans are born with and take for granted. Listening takes effort. Without it, it is indeed just hearing.

Listening skillfully in every interpersonal situation is a valuable tool for success. If salespeople are on the phone, in discussions, receiving messages, seeking information, or focusing on problem solving, they need to listen to learn. In sales, it is all about paying attention.


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