7 Ingredients for Interactive Group Dynamics

July 25, 2014

ambro relationshipsWhen leadership assesses the status of an organization on any given day, it often looks at the collective performance of the employees. It is the one standard that can help gauge the direction of the business and where it is going. Here in Central Indiana, the economy is still moving slowly yet steadily along as consumer confidence grows and the price of gasoline heads in the right direction.

Group dynamics and performance go hand-in-hand as the culture and the climate of the organization maintain a healthy balance. Leadership can steer the dynamics in many positive ways.

Let’s look at the seven ingredients for positive and interactive organizational group dynamics:

  • Communication: Open discussions that involve active listening and talking are necessary for the completion of both goals and objectives.
  • Conversation: One on one and team interaction in informal environments can solve a lot of problems and create a lot of possibilities for growth.  
  • Opportunity: Everyone needs a chance to better themselves through commitment and hard work.
  • Ethics: Doing what is right for everyone without asking for anything in return generates a healthy culture.
  • Honesty and candor: Nothing is more important than the truth, especially in the areas of performance and growth.
  • Teamwork: Success is a team sport. Individuals who work together can accomplish great things.
  • Learning and sharing: Every step of the way in every situation, make learning a tool for both effectiveness and increased responsibility.

Dale Carnegie Training knows all good organizations are groups of people working together toward collective goals and objectives for the benefit of all. Leadership has the job to manage that synergy in a proactive way, and in turn, employees must be productive in a variety of important ways as well.

Leaders, employees, and organizations move forward when everything fits together. Understanding that strategy, as simple as it is, makes for success as we all head toward 2015 and new opportunity.


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