10 Ingredients Needed for Customer Service Excellence

August 8, 2014

stuart miles serviceWhat sets any business here in Central Indiana apart from its competition is the strength of its customer service. From the local cable company to the neighborhood pizzeria, service matters. It is the one aspect of our buying experiences that we remember the most. It is also the one we love to share with others.

Consumers might not recall every great customer service experience, but they sure can share the stories of poor service, down to the last detail. Online customer review sites are growing in popularity and people are often assessing experiences on the web long before they decide to have their own.

Let the business beware. Bad reviews can put businesses out of business. Training is essential to have engaged employees representing the organization’s image and the brand in a responsible way.

Dale Carnegie Training proposes 10 ingredients employees need to know for successful customer service:

  • Know what the business sells and services  
  • Treat every customer like the employee would like to be treated
  • Be a good and patient listener
  • Be proactive and responsive to every issue and concern
  • Be professional in every thought, word and action
  • Be courteous to a fault, regardless of the situation and the stress
  • Be empowered to make decisions that resolve concerns
  • Have great interpersonal skills and always make great eye contact
  • Always be smiling      

It makes no difference if the organization is one of brick and mortar or if it is web-based, customer service is still about relationships and opportunity. How we handle both of them can make a huge difference in the success of the company.

Customer service training gets every employee on the same page. The true success in managing customer service is consistency and visibility. Leadership that is present, yet at the same time allows employees to be empowered, creates an environment that stands out among the team and the competition.

Customer service depends on everyone. The opportunity to be excellent is around every corner. It often can be as simple as saying, “Thank you.”

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