Success in 2015 = Engaged Employees

January 13, 2015
ID-100211704This time of year is all about planning – planning the company strategies for growth and client retention, planning health goals, and planning how to better engage your employees.
If that last one wasn’t already on your list, you may want to reconsider. Here at Dale Carnegie, we are constantly training on the value of strong employee morale; it results in a more positive workplace, which then results in happier, more productive workers. If you have any personal or professional goals to grow in 2015, focusing on your workplace environment is simply non-negotiable.

If you’re already on board with this concept, perhaps you don’t know where to start or the best ways to set your employees for success. Don’t worry, we are here to help. In addition to our employee engagement training, we have highlighted some truly helpful ideas here, compliments of Zeynep Ilgaz’s article.

While she covers five really great ways on how to set yourself up for success in 2015, we want to touch on just one of them. It’s a very important one because it results in a happier and more productive environment. This one way of supporting employees allows the company vision to be seen, heard and felt by everyone, instead of just a few key people. So what is the top way to grow in 2015 and have greater success with your employees? Connect your employees to the company’s objectives.

Why is this important? Well, think about the last time you were driving a car – did you know where you were going? It makes it a lot easier (and less frustrating!) to take action steps when you know where you are headed. You are more committed to the process and can also make more clear decisions on how to get there. When employees hear about the company’s objectives, they have a better understanding of where the brand wants to go. Better yet, they now have the opportunity to “buy in” and work harder because of the clear vision in place. It makes employees feel knowledgeable, in-the-loop, and satisfied that they are contributing to a vision. In other words, it makes them feel important.
A valuable employee who feels important is going to enjoy their work more and also provide a better service. Everyone deserves to feel important because the employees are the ones who are fulfilling the vision and goals of the company. With strong, happy employees, a company has a lot to gain in 2015. So as you wrap up your visions, goals and plans for the year, make sure to share them with your employees – they will appreciate that you did and help you achieve what you set out to accomplish.

If you’re curious about the other 4 ways to set up your employees for success, you can visit Zeynep Ilgaz‘s full article here:

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